Happy Feet 2

Holy crap not even 5 minutes in and I already dislike this movie. The heavy handed global warming message is annoying as hell. they butcher a lot of good songs (and quite a few crap ones) I did like the side story about the krill but it was not enough to save this pos

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Fantastic Mr fox

Wes Anderson needs to stay away from kids movies. I quite like all his other movies but his storytelling and directing style does not translate well into a movie aimed at children. The movie is extremely boring. 2 of my 3 kids fell asleep trying to watch it last night and I was trying my best not to doze off. I haven’t read the story so I can’t comment on how it translates to the movie. All I can say is it’s a kids movie and my kids didn’t like it very much.

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The Avengers (2012)

freekin awesome. go see it. that is all. (yea yea plot holes extra bs just see it is is great)

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TV Shows and cancellations

I haven’t really been watching movies lately. been going through a bit of a slump and all (not getting into that though) but I have been watching a lot of TV shows on Netflix recently. One that I just finished was Kingdom. It’s a British show from a few years ago with Steven Fry as the lead character (I love him, he is great on QI). It’s a pretty entertaining show but the 3rd season ends on a cliffhanger. So I go and search see if I can download the rest of the episodes only to find out IT WAS CANCELLED. Damn them for not giving me closure. Now for the rest of my life I will wonder what might have been (probably over exaggerating but you know what I mean). Why does this happen to shows? Why cant, if a show is going to be cancelled, they film one more episode just to close things off. The station would still get to cancel the show but the people that watched it would at least get an ending. its like getting to a really great part in a book just to find out the writer died and cant finish it but the publisher decided to put it out anyway.



OK, I think I’m done for the moment

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Letterboxd – first impressions

I signed up to get into the Letterboxd beta a wile back and just got an invite code today. My first thought was it’s a prettier version of Flixter, but in just my short time using it it feels a lot more natural and community friendly. When you click on a movie you go to its page where you get the basic plot info poster art a few user reviews and links rent or watch the movie on iTunes, Amazon or Netflix. If Netflix doesn’t have it for instant watch it sends you to the page to get the DVD in the mail. you can also do things like rate and review the movie from its page. there is a button at the top of the page that lets you type in a movie name and add it to your movies list and rate it without having to go to the movie page. I really like the diary feature. You can mark the date you first watched the movie and every time after that. kinda eliminates the need for my watch list page since its only there mostly for my own reference. You can link your Netflix account to add things to you queue and I think they are going to try to integrate your rated items from Netflix too but I’m not sure on that one. I don’t like the half star review ratings. I think the 5 star system is a good one cause it leaves a bit of leeway when rating items, but that’s a small gripe I’ll just stick to full stars and get past it. I’ll be using this quite a bit in the future and can’t wait to see what other features might be added in the future.


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in a music mood

not really feeling like watching a movie tonight so i figured id post a few music videos that i really dig

Mouse T – Horney

3OH3 – Starstruck

Milow – Ayo Technology

Super Meat Boy Soundtrack – Power of the Meat

Alex Gaudino ft Shena – ‘Watch Out’

Alex Gaudino Feat. Christal Waters

Monster Magnet – Space Lord

MC Frontalot – First World Problem

Flogging Molly – seven Deadly Sins
(probably my favoretest band ever)


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The game Stacking came out about a year ago on consoles and finally just a few days ago was released on steam. I just got done playing the first adventure and t was great. it took about 5 or so hours to get through with about 75% complete. this game is really fun it has old school adventure mechanics and quite a bit of humor. Each doll has one thing it can do and you have to figure out how to get each objective done using the many different abilities they have. I really like how there are at least 3 ways to complete each challenge and you are encouraged to go back and find them all. definitely worth the few bucks on steam (as of right now its only $10 so pretty good deal)

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