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The IT Crowd Series 1

I just finished watching series 1 and it was great. Very much nerd humor but i think non nerds would like it too. its not too british either. i dont really have much else to say. its funny, thats it. … Continue reading

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Hard Candy (2005)

wow, i was not expecting this good of a movie. Elen Page is a 14 yo girl that lures a a man she suspects as being a child predator into a trap. this movies is pretty much just a 2 … Continue reading

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Without a computer

Not having a computer sucks big time. i feel like i feel like am disconected from the world but all is not lost. i still have my psp and wii to use the internet, and although it is very limited … Continue reading

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Black Dynamite (2009)

This has got to be one of the funniest spoof movies I have seen in a very long time. It’s played as being as serious as the original blaxploitation movies it is parodying. This movie feels like it was made … Continue reading

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