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Blade Runner (1982) Workprint

Seeing as this was pre theatrical release I should have probably watched this first. Oh well. To late. First off the opening credits are way different. Very short and Gives more of an action movie feel. The intro text is … Continue reading

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Blade Runner (1982) theatrical versions

This is the order I am watching the movie in US theatrical International theatrical Workprint Directors cut Final cut I’m going to take notes as I go and give what I think about them after I am done watching them … Continue reading

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Pre Blade Runner

(Damnit I don’t know why this post got messed up but I know I posted it and it was just fine yesterday. I blame my shit internet connection that has been messing up the last few days. so here’s the … Continue reading

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Blackwell Series

Yesterday I started playing The Blackwell Legacy. It’s a nice ghost detective adventure game and by the time I was done I had to immediately start playing the second game in the series, Blackwel Unbound. These games just kept getting … Continue reading

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Supermom Webcomic

ok this is the first and probably last time i am going to help someone promote their website you should check out its by a friend of mine and she needs a bit of help getting a following Thanks … Continue reading

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Dark City (1998)

So this is another of my all time favorite movies. It is a noir sci-fi fantasy mystery type movie. Its actually kinda hard to set a genre for this film. It blends quite a few together almost seamlessly. You follow … Continue reading

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Speed Racer (2008)

I might be in the minority on this but, I love this movie so much. it is a live action cartoon. Every race is spectacular. The visuals are extremely colorful and very┬áseizure inducing. It is just awesome all the actors … Continue reading

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