Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Figured since its new years and I’m lame and never go out I’d go on a nostalgia fest and have a tmnt movie marathon so here’s the first movies in the series

So, first off. I forgot how expressive the costumes actually are. And the guys that jump around in those things have to be beefy as heck. HA I just noticed the kid giving the tour to the new punks in the foot hideout is Sam Rockwell. Shredder in the cartoon looked cool. In the movie he looks pretty badass too but his face looks too small when in the helmet. Now seeing as this is a movie from 1990 there are a few references that younger viewers will not get but there are not many and not knowing them doesn’t take away from the movie. This is definitely a kids movie all the way through and I think most kids would probably still like this movie even if it’s a little dated. But all in all this movie holds up quite nicely. Probably cause the puppetry is done really well. Worth re-watching or introducing to your kids. (if your not like me and try to get them to watch everything you liked as a kid already)


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