TMNT (2007)

The fourth movie in the turtles series. No longer live action with rubber suits but all CG. Now I don’t see this as a bad thing after watching the 3rd movie I kind of think if they tried to do this live action in 07 they would have used CG turtles and real actors and that would have probably turned out a bit shit. This takes place an undetermand amount of time after the third movie. Leonardo is in south America trying to become a better leader. Wile the rest of the Turtles are doing what they can to get by. It’s kind of nice that it’s all CG. they can get away with more fantastical action than you can do with live action. Although it does lose its grounding in reality when they can negate physics. Overall it’s quite enjoyable. Worth watching especially with kids.


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2 Responses to TMNT (2007)

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I thought this was a very well done movie, and I’m looking forward to watching it again myself sometime this year for my own blog along with the old turtle movies too. The only thing I remember from the old ones is the awful ninja rap.

  2. zarcon6 says:

    thankfully the only movie that has the really bad music is the second one. Vanilla Ice kinda ruined that movie for me

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