Dark City (1998)

So this is another of my all time favorite movies. It is a noir sci-fi fantasy mystery type movie. Its actually kinda hard to set a genre for this film. It blends quite a few together almost seamlessly. You follow John Murdoch on his journey to understand his situation. I can’t say much more about the plot cause it would give away a lot. The visuals and effects of this movie are still great mostly done with practical effects will little cg. The atmosphere pacing and cinematography of this movie are all great. If you do decide to watch this movie make sure to watch the directors cut. It’s not terribly different from the theatrical version, but adds some subtle differences that seem to flesh out the movie and make it more enjoyable. Definitely a must see movie for everyone that is able to think beyond the bullshit blockbuster crap Hollywood seems to feed us.

a slight aside to this after you watch this movie make sure to listen to the cometary by Rodger Ebert witch I think is on pretty much any version of the dvd or bluray you can get. it is worth it if you want a bit more incite into the movie.


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