Blackwell Series

Yesterday I started playing The Blackwell Legacy. It’s a nice ghost detective adventure game and by the time I was done I had to immediately start playing the second game in the series, Blackwel Unbound. These games just kept getting better as I kept progressing. I got the first three games in one of the IndieRoyal bundles a bit back and just yesterday decided to try them out. They sucked me in so much I had to buy the 4th game and play all the way through that as soon as I was done with the third game. If your into old school Point and Click adventures these are some of the best ones I’ve played in quite a wile. They are not too hard. I only got stuck 1 or 2 times in each game but eventually figured it out (had to consult a walk through once on the 4th game though cause I was stumped)

These are definitely worth the few bucks on you pay on steam and kept me bust for 10ish hours. I’ll probably go back and play them through again so I can play with the commentary turned on.

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