Blade Runner (1982) theatrical versions

This is the order I am watching the movie in

US theatrical
International theatrical
Directors cut
Final cut

I’m going to take notes as I go and give what I think about them after I am done watching them all.

Us theatrical cut
I don’t like the voice over. It treats the audience like they are idiots explaining every thing that happens on screen. I just noticed this in the scene where you first see Roy he has a hand on his shoulder then walks out of the phone booth and no one is there that the hand could belong to. I’ll have to pay attention and see if that’s in other versions. The scene where Deckard is talking to the snake maker his lips are moving but the dialog does not match up. On the rooftop fight at the end. Where did Roy get the dove? He doesn’t have it before he gets to the roof.

International theatrical
Sean Young is already starting to grate on me. I understand she is supposed to be a replicant and they have limited emotions but she is just annoying. Pris is turning out to be my favorite replicant. First difference I’ve noticed. When Roy kills Tyrell it’s quite a bit more gruesome. Next is when Roy stabs his hand, again more graphic. So the added violence seems to be the only difference between the theatrical versions.

Tomorrow I’ll be watching the workprint and the directors cut.

And I’m not feeling burnt out yet. On with Bladerunnerothon.

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