Pre Blade Runner

(Damnit I don’t know why this post got messed up but I know I posted it and it was just fine yesterday. I blame my shit internet connection that has been messing up the last few days. so here’s the gist of what I posted before it got deleted.)

I just recently picked up the 5 disc edition of Blade Runner on Bluray so I’ve decided to watch them all in order by date and compare the versions and figure out what one I think is best. I only ever remember seeing the directors cut of this back when it first came out on dvd so it’ll be kinda nice to see what the differences are. I haven’t read much of anything on the differences so I’m going into this relatively fresh. The only thing I’m worried about is if I’ll suffer blade runner overload by watching it 5 times in a row with few differences. Let Bladerunnerothon commence.

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