Blade Runner (1982) Workprint

Seeing as this was pre theatrical release I should have probably watched this first. Oh well. To late.

First off the opening credits are way different. Very short and Gives more of an action movie feel. The intro text is also changed to look like an entry from a glossary or dictionary. Echo, heartbeat, and other noise in the vk test at the beginning. The voice over is gone. There are a lot of minor differences in edits like when Deckard meets Bryant in his office it doesn’t show Bryant pouring the drink but instead just shows Deckard placing the glass back onto the desk. Scene with the eye doctor slightly shorter. I didn’t hear Rachel say “Deckard” in the elevator in the theatrical versions. After enhancing the photo Deckard asks himself if its Zora or Pris. Dialog withe the snake maker different. Deckard walking into the bar lengthened to include shot of dancing girls. Again a heart beat effect after Zora gets shot. Blues music just before seeing Leon. And then some hallelujah type music when fighting with Leon. Again more background music and noise when Deckard and Rachel are in his place. When Roy is talking to Tyrell he calls him father instead of fucker. Roy also talks to Sebastian before killing him. Dramatic war movie type music where Roy finds Pris dead. Good lord psycho style music during the chase sequence between Roy and Deckard. The whole last part of the movie feels like it came out of an old black and white thriller cause of the choices in music. OK, new voice over after Roy dies. I kinda like it. Back at Deckard’s place is cut differently and quite a bit shorter. And finally this version does not have the drive though the mountains ending.

I really don’t like the choices in music. They makes the movie less atmospheric and more campy. Lengthening quite a few scenes for the theatrical versions, even if by only a second or 2, does wonders. I really dislike this version. Mostly cause of the stupid music that just doesn’t fit with the rest of the movie. I must say thou, it makes me appreciate the movie a bit more after seeing and comparing the rough cut to the final product.

now onto the Directors Cut

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