Blade Runner Final Cut

So after a few stalls bladerunnerathon is commingled to a close. First although all the versions look good this one looks great you can tell they did a new transfer and enhanced a few things here and there. So I just noticed this, Roy’s incept date is Jan 8th 2016. Yet the beginning of the movie claims its 2019 so at the absolute least Roy should have 8 days left to live but only 2-3 days pass in the movie. Maybe I’ve watched this movie too much now. Now I’m still not sure what the heck the unicorn dream is about and after going back and listening to all the commentary tracks for that scene I don’t think there really is a reason beside Ridley Scott liking unicorns. This is the only version where the audio syncs up correctly when talking with the snake maker. Dancers in front of the bar from the workprint back in this version. Roy calls Tyrell father again like in the workprint. And the gore from the international cut is back too. So overall I would have to say this is the version to watch take all the good parts from all the other versions, removes the crapy voiceovers and it’s the best video and audio transfer of them all. I’m slightly burnt out on bladerunner for a while though so I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this very soon.

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