What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (1966)

so for the longest time I’ve been avoiding watching any Woddy Allen movies. no real reason for it. Ive just seen snippets here and there and never thought them compelling enough to look into further. but since I always hear and read people thinking he is some sort of great writer director I figured I should give him a chance. So, I started at the beginning…

Probably not the best idea. I didn’t make it all the way through this without getting bored out of my mind. I tried, I really did. even went back later and trued to watch the rest of it but it was too damn boring. The premise sounded like something I should like. A redub of a foreign movie is the type of stuff I’m into. Kung Pow Enter the Fist is a movie that is funny as heck to me (if you discount the parts they added and only look at the redubbed parts) but this just drug on and on.

I’ll give Allen a few more chances before I say its not my type of thing but its not off to a good start. Any suggestions of what to watch would be appreciated.


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