Quick Reviews

Movies I’ve watched recently but don’t really have too horribly much to say about

Inside Deep Throat (2005) – Interesting documentary but only if your into porn history

Dragon Hunters (2008) – Great animated movie. loved the character and dragon designs.

36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) – one of the best kung fu movies ever

Metropolis Complete (1927) – one of my favorite silent films. and its even better now that its nearly in its complete form. definitely worth watching if not only for historical reference.

Time Bandits (1981) – I remember this being better, had a lot of slow kinda boring parts but still quite funny at times

Sherlock Jr. (1924) – first Buster Keaton movies I’ve watched. going to watch more. This was great. very funny.

King Boxer [or: Five Fingers of Death] (1972) – another kung fu classic.


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