The Prisoner [or: Island of Fire] (1990)

First off, I watched this on Netflix and I have to say this is by far the worst looking movie I’ve seen yet. The film stock looks like it was drug through the mud. The Colors are all wrong, everything is blurry and way to dark. Doesn’t make the movie unwatchable it’s just kind of annoying. Not a knock on Netflix mind you. it’s probably just the transfer. Just kind of sucks.

The subtitles on this are shit. There are times when nothing has been said for minutes yet the words keep going on the screen. And then there are others where way to much is said for just a yes or no response.

On to the actual movie. If you can get past the technical flaws it’s a pretty entertaining movie. Tony Leung Ka Fai  is a cop undercover in prison, Sammo Hung is a guy that just wants to break out to see his son and Jackie Chan is a guy thrown in prison while trying to get money to save his girlfriend. there are a few good fight scenes but this isn’t really a Jackie Chan movie he’s mostly a secondary character. there are better movies out there though so unless you like the actors it can be skipped.

Best line in the movie. “You’re a guy that can fart, but doesn’t have the shit to back it up ” probably not translated right but I thought it was great.


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