A Rant about movies

Ok so this was going to be a small aside at the beginning of a review but I decided it needed a bit more.

So here’s the deal I started watching Ninja on netflix and a little wile in I had the sudden urge to watch The Last Dragon a movie from 1985 that I only remember a few scenes from but somehow it popped into my head at that moment. Thinking, “that movie must be on netflix” I stopped the movie I was watching to start the new one that was in my mind. Low and behold the movie is only available on Dvd through the mail. Well at least I can watch it I figure. But I want to watch it now (first world problem, I know) so I check Hulu, no dice. I see amazon sells it for $10 streaming but not on amazon prime. I can also get the DVD for $10 in the same amount of time to get the Dvd from netflix so that’s another no go. Finally I see its on Crackle.com but there are more adds than if it played on network television. WTF! why the hell isn’t this not very stellar movie available through some streaming service add free. You can not tell me the studios are making much if any cash off movies like this. So end of story is I pirated the dang thing so I can watch it tonight. I can understand some catalog titles being held off of streaming services because they are still bankable. But dammit everything else that is over 10 years old should be legally obtainable without adds streaming somewhere. Preferably the services that are already established and I subscribe to.

Ok I’m done

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One Response to A Rant about movies

  1. rwhyan says:

    The internet never fails haha.

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