John Waters: This Filthy World (2006)

“All young people need to have someone bad to look up to, and I hope to be that one tonight”

Comedy is very subjective that’s why I don’t touch it much in reviews. For example I think LisaLampanelli  and Dane Cook are awful and extremely unfunny. Yet I like Larry the cable guy and Louis CK which couldn’t be further apart comedicly speaking. But I had to comment on this. John Waters is of my all time favorites. I have his Christmas album, seen almost all his movies, read and watched every interview I can find. So yea I am a bit biased. This isn’t really standup comedy. Its more like someone just talking about the absurd things in their life. And it is hilarious. All the talks about Divine. The things he has seen everything its just great.

That is all. I have no more to say. You knew already if you will like this or not.


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