Letterboxd – first impressions

I signed up to get into the Letterboxd beta a wile back and just got an invite code today. My first thought was it’s a prettier version of Flixter, but in just my short time using it it feels a lot more natural and community friendly. When you click on a movie you go to its page where you get the basic plot info poster art a few user reviews and links rent or watch the movie on iTunes, Amazon or Netflix. If Netflix doesn’t have it for instant watch it sends you to the page to get the DVD in the mail. you can also do things like rate and review the movie from its page. there is a button at the top of the page that lets you type in a movie name and add it to your movies list and rate it without having to go to the movie page. I really like the diary feature. You can mark the date you first watched the movie and every time after that. kinda eliminates the need for my watch list page since its only there mostly for my own reference. You can link your Netflix account to add things to you queue and I think they are going to try to integrate your rated items from Netflix too but I’m not sure on that one. I don’t like the half star review ratings. I think the 5 star system is a good one cause it leaves a bit of leeway when rating items, but that’s a small gripe I’ll just stick to full stars and get past it. I’ll be using this quite a bit in the future and can’t wait to see what other features might be added in the future.


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