I’ve never claimed to be a writer, nor will I ever be good at it. but id like to think I’m getting a bit better. This is just a place for me to write quick reviews for media I have consumed.  If you know me, you might already know my tastes in media span a pretty wide variety. This site is here to inform you of what I like and dislike and what my view is on a particular item. Possibly helping you find something that might be worth looking into along the way. (though that last part is highly doubtful) If I don’t have very strong views on something one way or the other I may not comment on it.

I must say though that this is mostly for my own reference as I used to keep a log of all the movies I watched but have since lost it. And if I do revisit a movie its kind of nice to look back at what I thought of it at the time.


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