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Happy Feet 2

Holy crap not even 5 minutes in and I already dislike this movie. The heavy handed global warming message is annoying as hell. they butcher a lot of good songs (and quite a few crap ones) I did like the … Continue reading

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Fantastic Mr fox

Wes Anderson needs to stay away from kids movies. I quite like all his other movies but his storytelling and directing style does not translate well into a movie aimed at children. The movie is extremely boring. 2 of my … Continue reading

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The Avengers (2012)

freekin awesome. go see it. that is all. (yea yea plot holes extra bs just see it is is great)

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TV Shows and cancellations

I haven’t really been watching movies lately. been going through a bit of a slump and all (not getting into that though) but I have been watching a lot of TV shows on Netflix recently. One that I just finished … Continue reading

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Letterboxd – first impressions

I signed up to get into the Letterboxd beta a wile back and just got an invite code today. My first thought was it’s a prettier version of Flixter, but in just my short time using it it feels a … Continue reading

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in a music mood

not really feeling like watching a movie tonight so i figured id post a few music videos that i really dig Mouse T – Horney 3OH3 – Starstruck Milow – Ayo Technology Super Meat Boy Soundtrack – Power of the … Continue reading

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The game Stacking came out about a year ago on consoles and finally just a few days ago was released on steam. I just got done playing the first adventure and t was great. it took about 5 or so … Continue reading

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