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TV Shows and cancellations

I haven’t really been watching movies lately. been going through a bit of a slump and all (not getting into that though) but I have been watching a lot of TV shows on Netflix recently. One that I just finished … Continue reading

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Doctor Who (2005+) series 1, 2, and part of 3

Just a few things I’ve noticed watching so far. Christopher Eccleston is a better doctor than David Tennant but only slightly. I like the rage Tennant can show at times. Billie Piper as Rose Tyler annoys the living shit out … Continue reading

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Sherlock (BBC 2010) Series 2 episode 1

I am only 4 minutes in, the title sequence has just started, and I  am already fully back in to this show. The opening is pretty much starts where it left off establishing the end of the last series and … Continue reading

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Doctor Who (2005)

So I decided to break down and start watching Doctor Who.  The last time I watched this show was PBS reruns of Tom Baker episodes when I was younger. So far I am 3 episodes into the Christopher Eccleston series.  … Continue reading

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Batman The Brave and the Bold

Ok, I love this show and thing that made me want to write at review Is the Music Mister episode. This is total old school camp Batman at its best. I love this show so much I don’t really know … Continue reading

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The IT Crowd Series 1

I just finished watching series 1 and it was great. Very much nerd humor but i think non nerds would like it too. its not too british either. i dont really have much else to say. its funny, thats it.

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Ratings System

I need suggestions on some type of simple ratings system. I was thinking something like 5 – great, must see 4 – good 3 – ok, if you like that type of thing 2 – very little worth 1 – … Continue reading

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